Callsign Data

class callooktools.callooktools.CallookCallsignData

A callook callsign query result.

address : Address = Address()

Operator mailing address

latlong : LatLong = LatLong(0, 0)

approximate lat/long of address

grid : Grid = Grid(LatLong(0, 0))

grid locator of address

grant_date : datetime.datetime = datetime.datetime.min

callsign grant date

expire_date : datetime.datetime = datetime.datetime.min

callsign expiry date

mod_date : datetime.datetime = datetime.datetime.min

callsign last modified date

call: str


lic_class: callooktools.callooktools.LicenseClass = 'None'

License class

status: callooktools.callooktools.EntryStatus = 'Unknown'

License status

type: callooktools.callooktools.LicenseType = 'None'

License type

prev_call: str = ''

Previous callsign

prev_class: callooktools.callooktools.LicenseClass = 'None'

Previous callsign class

trustee_call: str = ''

Trustee callsign

trustee_name: str = ''

Trustee name

name: str = ''

License name

uls_url: str = ''


frn: str = ''


Helper Data Types

class callooktools.callooktools.Address

Represents an address in a CallookCallsignData object

attn: str = ''

Attention address line, this line should be prepended to the address

line1: str = ''

address line 1 (i.e. house # and street)

line2: str = ''

address line 2 (i.e. city name, state ZIP code)

class callooktools.callooktools.LicenseType

Describes what kind of license the license holder has

class callooktools.callooktools.LicenseClass

Describes the class of a license

class callooktools.callooktools.EntryStatus

Callsign license status


class callooktools.callooktools.CallookError(*args)

The exception raised when something goes wrong in callooktools